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President: Myles Murphy
Vice President: Steven Wallner
Treasurer: Anthony Moniello
Secretary: Kevin Uher


2014 Annual Election Results

by Gayton (Guy) J. Albanese 

In accordance with the AOC Garden State Chapter’s bylaws the 2014 elections were conducted at the annual business meeting held 20-June-2014 for election of officers and directors.

2014 Officer and Directors


Officers for a one year term:

President – Myles Murphy – Exelis Inc.

Vice President – Steve Wallner – US Army Ft. Monmouth Civ. (Ret)

Secretary – Kevin Uher – Booz Allen

Treasurer – Anthony Moniello – CACI


Directors for a three year term:

Guy Albanese – Gayton J. Albanese Associates

JR May – Melvin May Associates

Ray Irwin – US Army Civ.


Vince Simpson outgoing President will automatically fill the Board Position of Past President


Gayle Grant US Army Civ. and Bob Perricelli US Army Civ. (Ret) have been appointed by the President to fulfil the Board positions vacated by Bob Palazzo who has resigned and Steve Wallner who is now Vice President until their board term expires in 2015.


Directors continuing their term:

Mario Casabona - Casabona Ventures – term ending 2016

John Cervini - US Army CIV (Ret) – term ending 2016

Jan Moren – US Army CIV (Ret) – term ending 2016


Mari Kovach – GTS LLC – term ending 2015

Bob Perricelli – US Army CIV (Ret) term ending 2015

Gayle Grant – US Army CIV – term ending 2015


Guy Albanese

Nominations Committee Chairman